Thursday, August 30, 2007

tra la lee

i was gonna watch ratatoille (spelling is galat, i the know)
got together a bunch of friends
got husband to agree
got cousin to agree
and then got stuck in a meeting that went on.
and on.

the friends left for the theater
husband and cousin reached the theater

while i sat in a meeting ...

the point being, i missed the movie
but i did make it to the mall... where i waited for the people-who-got-to-see-the-rat-that-cooked

i waited in a bookstore
and i ended up buying 11 books and placing an order for 4 more

the day was not all that bad now was it?


Alien said...

can i borrow a few??

e said...

Can I borrow some too, rats that can cook that is?

Tinky Toinkers said...

alien: sure.
e: i dont own any so me thinks not :p