Monday, January 22, 2007

line up for the autographs

The husband and I were on national tv last afternoon.
We were invited to be special guests, experts, awesome couple (ok, this was not listed, but what the heck) on a show that spoke about marraiges that are fixed over the internet vis a vis the traditional offline version.

A lot of people asked a lot of questions ... some innocent, some blooming out of ignorance and some downright moronic.

I liked it. A lot.
Despite having to sit there in a stuffy studio with cameras catching your most inopportune angles (er ... and the decent ones being?)
Despite having a terrible allergy that made me want to scratch my forehead off
Despite having to wear a knowledgeable/ agreeable grin when Team India was taking a bashing by nonsense WIndies

I liked it.
Know why? The very reason people called up to ask, argue or chat up was because the Internet had managed to rouse their interest. Which is incredibly good.

I believe in the power of the www.
Hardcore fan.

Go Internet.


Aparna said...

you met your hubby over the internet? pray tell the story!

maddie said...

Okay. I'll bite. Bharat Matrimony ki Shaadi? Which do you recommend?

Aur pray tell me which channel! Those are things that mothers tell their pride 'n' joys :'-(. Pffft.

Raj said...

hi.. interesting piece this one.

Anonymous said...

:-) ohhh i rem'ber our discussion on the power of internet :-)!!
but which channel & when?? woman..u shld have informed!!


austere said...