Monday, January 29, 2007

Cartons; full and labeled. Not.

we gonna move in
we gonna shift
new home,
here we come
the smell of fresh paint
the shiny taps
cabinets in deep wood
i would live in them
(if i could)
cartons lugged
cartons, big and small
up the stairs
and down
aching limbs
sore muscles
we barely felt
as we bathed in the lights
of home, our home
our hearts did swell

our eyes took in
every precious corner
thats where we spotted
the damaged wall.
i am so bloody killing the plumber.


austere said...

HEY! naya ghar bahoot bahoot mubarak to you guys.. ati mangalmay.

austere said...


ok ok just because i felt like a cheer, ok haan

wormtongue said...

buhahaha.. welcome to the world of unending repaint jobs and holing up in a single room covered with dust all around yaay is correct :P

jedi said...

cover spotted wall with potted plant

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to visit me!

Congratulations on the home, I'll have my own someday.

Don't forget to pee on long days of writing and eating. Sometimes I even forget to eat (gasp!)

Alien said...

Congrats@new house... Long time since I was here .. good to see you still writing!!!

E said...

sacrilege*...and congrats!

Tinky Toinkers said...

austy: thank you ben...

andy: go jump. no really, JUMP.

jedi: neat.

proxima: may you find a dream home. amen.

alien: lovely to have you around sailor :)

e: argh........... jes. thx.