Thursday, June 29, 2006

Woman, Ye foul temptress

This is a post that is going to reek of dissent, so if you are not up to a dose of gripe, I suggest a long walk away from this page.

Working at a place where I have a television set blaring all day has lead me to master partial hearing. Now I only wish to learn how to filter out stuff I read.

I was blog-hopping and happened upon Sai’s blog. He has written his take on the women in the Sabarimala shrine issue.

And then, I clicked on the comment button. Biggest darned mistake of the day.

People have thrashed the article and the author in the basest of languages. The argument on is utterly pointless and vague. Most of the idiots there don’t even know what the entire post is about. The whole idea has been misconstrued while a bunch of pseudo preachers of Hinduism have taken the utterly predictable course of pointing out the holes in other religions. A couple of them have the cheek to talk about menstruation as if it was some kind of disease. They have gone on and on about how religion and beliefs are not to be touched by a barge pole because the sentiment of 1000s was strung around it…

Wake up and smell the coffee you big nitwits.

It is not about one temple or one religion. It is about equality and the right to worship. It is about the one supreme God who does not believe in divide and rule. It is about getting a life. It is about thinking logically. It is about faith … in God and the judgment meted out therewith.


I have got a bad taste in my mouth just reading the thoughts… how do these people live with them?


kandykane said...

such people are brought up in a very insecure environments, they have no confidence and lack self-redpect.. therefore anything beyond their understanding is a subject of 'ridicule' for them.. Best policy - ignore them. Not easy, but the best way out.

Maddie said...

Correction: How do people leave with themselves?

Mails? Kab kaunse kahaan?????

Am writing to ye today. Got LOTS to tell you.

In the meanwhile, go over to new blog and pliss read latest post. Methinks you will like it :D. Pardon the new name, though. Won't be long before peeps will refer to me as Maddie there too, anyhoo :-)).

Gibbity-gibbity-goo to Baba :o).

maddie said...

Leave=live. Sorry, colour in my hair coloured me thinking :">.

sai said...

Hola toinks, just chanced upon this post...! and yes, agree with you one hundred and one per cent:)

-- sai