Thursday, June 01, 2006


After one year,
I have learnt to like the city I call home
I have found a set of people whose company I genuinely adore
I have gone around by-hearting road names
I have sampled the raste ka khana
I have done the tourist round
I have haggled with rickshaw drivers and taken the white line buses
I have mastered the art of making aloo paranthas
I have developed a taste for gol-gappas
I have automatically started saying ‘haanji’

Magar firbhi …
I cannot bring myself to be called a Delhiite
I cannot help but miss Mumbai’s sheer pace and spirit
I cannot forget the taste of the season’s first Alphonso
So many memories … and then, there is this:

Wind: N at 0 km/h
Humidity: 83%

New Delhi
Scattered Clouds
Wind: NW at 9 km/h
Humidity: 27%


wormtongue said...

:) aww poor thing..take hug!!
look at it this way.. you got the best of both worlds a bit :P

ps.. no rains here today :( only sliggghtttt drizzle ^$(^($76

Hyde said...

So what did you say before you started saying "haanji"?

And what do you prefer? The humidity of Bombay or the heat of Delhi?

PS: Remember the time you said I speak Hindi like a Delhiite?

Ruchira said...

Toinks UNcut!! Teri toh !! U r moderating comments now before putting them up and 2 of my comments r waiting moderation it seem.. WAAAAAAAAAAH! Btw, its drizzling again.. hm..

Ashthemist said...

Ouch! That must hurt!

Ashthemist said...

Ouch! That must hurt!

austere said...


she gets into your blood, insidious.


jedi said...

how does wind move north at 0kmph? plis to be explainin

Anijay said...

Hi!!TT, mean Tiny Toinks, reached here thru ur intro mail at delhibloggers group. Welcome aboard.

I know what it means to feel homesick in a new cosmo, esp that Delhi-Mumbai opposite cultures. But seems u've learnt very fast.
U write well, continue that way, all the best.

Ankur said...

aaloo parantha..sounds interesting,,makes me go hungry..Delhi has its own set of flashes and good stuff..i m sure as time passes by u will love it more and more..

Soo said...

Cannot say haanji yet...really miss bombay people....but like delhi roads, hate the auto rickshaw drivers, love the food culture and the great bookshops, hate the horrible punju girls in my office :)

Ye ole Dilliwallah said...

..the you would also know how we react to criticism, dont you?
We argue, and use un'parliamentary' language, and make people agree with us :)

and I went to ur gaon lastmonth, and I wasnt too pleased with it eaither, so Ill just say even-stevens!

Tinky Toinkers said...

Wormy: Ok Thanks.

Hyde: I said Tujhya nanachi taang melya. I love mumbai... wonly mumbai.

Ruchira: Aalees :) I am sorry, I didnt realise the commenting thing was moderated and all that. Apun ekdum technically handicapped insaan, itna sab samajhta nahi hai...

Asthemist: Hurts like hell, stings like a bee

Austy: NO ... ok, well, yeah... maybe.

Jedi: Like it moves towards the south. Doh!

Animesh: Nope. Am trying to learn... just.

Ankur: You said it. Delhi has its flashes. But for one used to the entire movie, flashes not working too much.

Soo: kya boli tuu :D:D:D:D I know that was corny, but heck, i found it funny.. hehehe

Dilliwallah: Even steven my left foot ke chote ungli's nail. It is war time. Dhishkyaon.