Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mithu from Meerut

"It will be a tough journey
But the pain will be eased if you come along..."

Now, which girl can walk away from a corny line like that?
Not this girl anyway… especially when spoken with a particularly ‘paavum’ expression.

So one wakes up nice and drowsy on a Saturday morning and gets driven down to Meerut.
One is hauled from one government building to another on the pretext of registering a 4-inch by 7-inch or some such length of plot.
One felt awed at the imaginative artwork on the walls of said buildings … the people spit creatively in this land of mine.
One would have liked to ram a creaky chair down the 10th official who asked for ‘chai-paani’.
One felt like swooning when no breakfast was in sight and the time was 1.00 PM.
One grayed out (semi-blacked out that is) when lunch was not in sight either.
One wished to commit hara-kiri when one was informed about the 3-hour incubation period necessary for a document to be signed.

One would have gone on further with demented activities … if the one responsible for getting one in the said situation had not intervened and took one over to one another friend’s uncle’s place.

That’s where the hero of my entire post made an appearance.
Mithu – The talking parrot.

22 years old, he snuggles up to one and says… “chota Mithu kehdo na”
Aww shucks, so sweet.
Maybe I wont drop a bomb @ Meerut afterall.


Anonymous said...

"It will be a tough journey
But the pain will be eased if you come along..."

nice ...


Anonymous said...

but why meerut, toinkagal?

Tinky Toinkers said...

Thanks VP :) ... it still spells Pav :p

Austere: Some vague land ka registration for some friend's family... lets just forget the whole episode right, gives me hypertension.