Monday, February 18, 2013

when you got to write, you got to write

i cannot dance
i cannot sing
i lead a quite

a brilliant blue
nor an orange hue
will ever announce
my presence

when i leave
no drums will roll
nor curtains fall
to mark the occurrence

i leave no mark
i leave no sign
i come and go
as i please

i may be a shadow
i may be a sign
i may also be
your release.

there. there. i knew today was lets write some stupid poem day. why do these words even come in my head when i don't get them myself is beyond my understanding.
but i had to get them out. or they would just go round and round in my head making me irritable and dizzy.

it is like a disease. this mad rush of words that cause a traffic jam in my brain.

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austere said...


a traffic jam? really?