Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hairy tale with a happy ending!

Most days I would joke about the stack of hay I call my hair, but never on hair-wash day. On those days, I go into deep mourning. The large clump of hair in the drain should not hurt so much… but damnit, it does. Each time I run a brush through my hair, I avoid looking at the brush, or the floor.

My mother sniggers and gives me the ‘I-warned-you-so-looks’. I have been colouring my hair for almost 10 years now… coating my scalp with chemicals… I was begging to lose hair, according to her.

 Initially it started out as being a fun thing to do… something new that could be tried. Now it is a struggle against time and the ever present grey. Each time I colour, my hair ends up being more brittle and dry. It has come to a point wherein I seldom leave my hair down. It is constantly scrunched up in a rather untidy bun.

Occasional hair spa treatments (occasional = once a year in mother speak) leave the hair manageable for a couple of days, but then we are back to square one within a week or two. Things really got to a head when my maid complained about the amount of hair she found each day while cleaning. Disgusting… this after I confined combing to one corner of the house…

I was all set to wage major war on my wilful mane when a friend suggested an easier solution. She asked me to use the Dove hair therapy’s Intensive roots treatment. She promised I would see visible hair fall reduction in 2 weeks time. Since I did not have anything to lose, I went and bought myself a pack…

Since time is a constant constraint, I am usually wary of anything that takes beyond a couple of minutes to use. Thankfully, this product aces the timer and it is really simple to use, here is how you do it:
·       Wash hair as usual and towel dry it
·       Break the nozzle of one vial and apply the lotion directly on your scalp (make multiple partings in your hair to get an even application)
·       Massage gently to ensure the lotion gets in to the roots
·       Leave it on and style your hair as usual
·       Use one vial every two days and in two weeks, you will see a marked reduction in hair fall

Dove hair fall rescue intensive roots treatment is non sticky, non greasy. It has a pleasant smell and is so, so easy to use.

I read up a little more on exactly how it helped and found out that Dove hair fall rescue intensive roots treatment contains Trichozole active with ginseng and soy protein. These ingredients essentially work against natural enzymes and prevent them from breaking down the follicle glue thus reducing damage at the roots, helping to lock the hair firmly in place.

2 weeks down the lane, my hair fall has reduced drastically. It said on the box that the treatment targeted root action for superior hair-fall reduction and stronger hair… and I believe it now.
Personally, it is a mini miracle! The Dove hair fall rescue intensive roots treatment has worked for me and how!

Since my friend did my hair a favour, I think it is only fair for me to share the secret with other women. So if you have:
Hair breakage – When little strands of hair break off from the middle or
Hairfall from the roots – When longer strands of hair fall off directly from the roots…it is time to wake up and listen to the distress signal sent out by your hair.

Do yourself and your hair a favour, go buy a pack of Dove’s Intensive Root Treatment. It is an investment that will make you love your hair.

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