Monday, July 13, 2009

cirlce of life.

as i was washing ankita's clothes, i realised my mom still washes mine, whenever i go to mumbai.
amma, you are cool, but i hope ita doesn't harbour any hopes regarding me picking after her 20 years hence.

i got a new keyboard, one of those that make thak-thak-thak noises as you type. love them. totally love them. my first keyboard at rediff was like this one.

rahul razdan sent me an ibibo card that said "gaavaat naveen pakhru aalela distay" (literal translation with neelu phule twang = in the village new bird has arrived).
meera and mugdha and i used to maaro this line super lechorously if we happened to see any new girl/guy/generally long long ago.

it rained 2 days ago. my baby and i had a lot of fun getting drenched and dancing on the terrace. we used to do that sometimes in mumbai. i hope ita remembers to have fun.


austere said...

Of course she will. And to walk in the surf at worli seaface, and eat rain-drenched panipuri.
but of course.

Mugdha said...

Even better than the rediff keyboard was the one that was customized for you in one nutrition wala conference. I think.

Tinky Toinkers said...

hahahahahaha ... oh mannnnn .... i still have it somewhere back in tarangan i think :D:D:D

AiAiOh said...

I want to see the customization.. I guess instead of the letter "A" you'd have an apple picture pasted, "B" would be brinjal...Shall I ask FIL to remove it from the junkyard (Toink's closet)?