Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not quite but thanks anyway

my friends think i am stressed after reading the last post. i am not. well, maybe i am, but can't do much about it now can i? like sheetal says, if we talk like turtles, we ought to be shelled.

thanks for worrying though. it makes you want to fight back to know there are people who are backing you all the way.

meanwhile, ita says tars pretty confidently. that is stars for you. but i quite like the way she points out authoritatively and says, "amma, tars."


Anonymous said...

if we talk like turtles, ought to be shelled ?! hehehe. Made me laugh in the morning.

:D. and are you going to teach ita tinkle, tinkle, little tar... (aka the road roller song)

shnkrnryn said...

man i forgot about that anan panan song you made my day
thank you
you are the best

Anonymous said...

i dont know how much this will help but anyways:

waiter said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep this wonderful blog up to date. I will be back!!