Monday, January 26, 2009

Ankita Puraan -2

Dharam sankat situation has happened. We have 3 names and we like them all.

Both the grandmothers like Meghna. So does Kannan, the uncle-in-law.
Krita is different and both sri and I kind of like it.
Ankita is preferred by all three aunts and the maama. And us, of course.

We thought we still had days to decide as we sauntered into the lawyers office.

The adoption deed had to go in with the name.

And so, we had a grand total of 30 seconds to decide what she was going to be called.
Yes, the lawyer was very scary looking. Like Amrish Puri in Damini, minus the oily hair... and the bad guy part. So it was that we went to file our papers with our lawyer and came back with our daughter's name. Ankita.

I just hope she doesn't hate us for not calling her Krita or Meghna. Because now, after 3 months, I kind of like Meghna better than Ankita. Go figure.


austere said...

Krita! KRITA! Kreeeta... its sort of very creative, you know? Sigh..

Mugdha said...

I like Ankita. It becomes Ita.. which matches her personality so well.

Little Ita