Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All ours.

Today is a good day. Actually, a very, very good day. Special day. Nice day. You get the picture right?

The daughter is finally all ours. The court has granted us custody.

Till the time the lawyer's assistant came up and told us to collect the final deed, I hadn't realised that there was a vague nagging fear, a fear that ita would be taken away from us... didn't realise that at a sub-conscious level, I was scared to death. But thats all over now.

Ankita Sriram Iyer. My baby ... the bane of my existance, the love of my life is mine. All mine.
Ok, "ours" as sri would insist on me saying :))


austere said...


I'd read the prev post and was speechless.

All my love to Ita.

Anonymous said...

haha you should share with sriram, at least when she's sleeping :D

anugem said...

yours when she is smiling, sriram's when diaper is soiled... that should be a good deal!! need legal advise on that one? congrats sweets:-)