Wednesday, May 07, 2008

this and that

The only thing I seem to talk about these days is about the daughter.
I really ought to write about my life.
Now, wait a single minute ... what life am I talking about?
Mera jeevan ek susu potty nappy dudu routine ban ke reh gaya ...

Arrrgghh ...
Ok. Am so not letting the boredom demon seep in.
But it is difficult.
To suddenly be house bound. Not meet friends. Not have brain storming sessions. No deadlines. No lunch time gossips...

Am I a bad mother then? Because I cannot seem to find complete joy in just looking after my child?
I love the kid. I would hate to miss a second of her life. But somehow, the heart seems to crave for more. Not like I have the energy for more though.

Oh well, the silver lining is the number of books I have been able to read. Buddha the graphic novel, the entire artemis fowl series plus everything else that eoin colfer has written, the avalon series, a couple of daniel steels and ...uhm, a few mills and boons...

Oh and, the daughter has managed to crawl ... in reverse gear. Doesnt seem to get why the toy she was crawling towards suddenly seems so far.
Total nutcase.



Pradeep. D said...

Hey Toinks.. !!! Congrats!!! Me a father too.. Checkout my kid at :-)

Hours just feel like seconds when i spend time watching him. Inspite of he keeping us awake all the time during the night ;-)

Shashwat Nagpal said...

Yo mama!
looks like u having a ball!

all the best u n sriram and love to Ankita :)

adises said...

pfft carry kid around with u :P its called a baby backpack or something

A Stranger within said...


Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

i am looking fwd to next writing on the blog - all about baby blog :)