Monday, March 24, 2008

The Golden Period

... ah, that would be a time when I get 8 hours of sleep, but thats not what I started to write about.

Since the time I hit 25, my monthly cycle has been a pain, I have often wondered how anyone could call it "chums"... admittedly some of my so called friends are bigger pains, but firbhi. Nausea, backaches, drowsiness, cramps, headaches ... its a wonder I have not plunged a knife and removed the bloody uterus myself yet.
So, when the other day the periods arrived, I was overjoyed. No trouble at all. This motherhood thing must work. Man ... I can stand them sleepless nights. Fair exchange I say.

And then, just like when the brat lets out an almighty yowl when we are sneaking out of the room after a 45 minute marathon session to put her to sleep, the tank dries up.

WTF? False alarm and all that.

No golden periods for you sweetie. Howdy womanhood.


Pallavi said...

haha :):P

Anonymous said...

So, you are still alive...Mommy to boot :-)...Congrats :-)


adises said... is adjusting to the new generation of kids...late nights...partying..sleeping when the sun rises :D so how is she nowdayssss

Kshitij said...

Hey toinks,

sleepless nights, soiled nappies, unexplained bawling sessions(by the kiddo!).............welcome to parenthood..:-)
But ur still going to enjoy it..and will be doling free advise to others soon...

Kshitij unkil/married single with kid etc etc.

Arunima said...

:-) my niece's name is Ankita too. She is very naughty and wise beyond her age.