Wednesday, May 23, 2007

talk, talk, chatter, chatter, gossip

i spoke with her last evening. the one we used to call laddoo. she has been unwell for a while now... didnt know about it, until a chance encounter of the orkut kind. spoke with her for a long long time, about masala pavs and cutting chais, slimy profs and handsome editors, crazy classmates who are now papas and mommas.

i spoke with him last evening. the one i used to call ass****. he has been through a lot of crap. i did know about it, but never managed to call him as often as i should have. we spoke very briefly, thanks to bad coverage. we exchanged the mandatory insults, bitched about work, cities, lack of money, lack of time, lack of life.

i spoke with her last evening. the one we used to call bambola. she is the reason i have faith in God. she is the one who makes me believe in smiling when life comes up with a lemon after another. we spoke about the one who got married and the one who has got promoted, shared pjs, shared worries, laughed a lot and then she disconnected because an Amitabh Bachchan movie was coming on cable.

now i know why i don't mind travelling 50 kms one way to work. i get to catch up with people who matter...


Alien said...

I think I am going to have to do this commuting business very soon... Now I can add one more thing to the various things I can do on the move..!! Though it'll be a problem if I'm the one driving... ;-)

JW said...

I used to do 44..and those days I used to be able to blog from work

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ass**** is a friend of yours?
:> Or did your perspective of him change at some point?


Globe Treader - Kiran Ghag said...

your blogs are unusual...and mostly bouncer for the poor guy like me, today i feel i am blogally challanged :)

Kapil Lalwani said...

Is this Deepa? If she wasn't well why did she talk to you? Damn that is a deadly step - talking to you when not well!

But I am sure she will take it in her stride and cope with the suffering of talking to you for "long long time"!

Khuda Haafiz

rj said...

u travel 50 kms one way to work?
saala thats worse than mumbai..

sad...pity.. sad