Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reality bites

Muscles and bones
Ache and groan
The injury, forgotten
The pain remembered

Actions and gestures
Tears and bonds
The gaps, monumental
The memories remain

Torn with concern
Anguish and sympathy
Whom do I hurt for?
The one who is distressed physically
Or the one who doesn’t even know?


e said...

Not bad, not bad!

namaskar said...

yeh kya bakwaas thi ;) shayad kuchh high funda hoga isliye merko chamka nahi!

aadab arz hai!

Tinky Toinkers said...

e: thank you thank you :)
namaskar: aapko bhi dua salaam :)

Ashthemist said...

Reminds me of:

Sticks and Stones
may break my bones
but actions and guestures
will not hurt me!

Egaad...they do!!


moimystique said...

well written:)

Alien said...

Just poetic meanderings
Or reflections on
Life's latest wanderings??