Monday, May 16, 2016

That elusive future

Wrote this way back in 2003 and strangely, future is still being as elusive as ever.

Across the distance, far far away
I view my future
Sitting on the highest branch
Of a mango tree

It stares at passing birds
Wishing on falling stars
Dangling its legs fearlessly
It weaves my tomorrow

The other day it hung upside down
I missed a heartbeat
A smile lifted my shoulders
My future steadied itself

Sometimes it has company
The animals, the stars… the others
Nothing seems to affect it
As the wind continues to blow

I waved to it today
Hoping in vain to catch its eye
As it plucked another cloud
To make a warm quilt

I tried crying out its name
Sent a message in a vinegar bottle
It chooses to ignore me

Doesn’t it know it belongs to me?

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