Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Being happy is a choice

I have often wondered, why people have to find fault with every little thing.

During a brilliant rendition of the folk dances of India where the music and dancers weaved magic, a set of people wanted to know why the ladies were wearing backless blouses.

While gobbling down a particularly delicious plate of dahi-wada in a cookery contest, a bunch of tasters dissed the chefs for not serving it just so.

Post an event put together by a set of volunteers with no prior experience at putting together something like it, some of the audience grumbled at having to sit for 15 minutes more than was scheduled.

One wonders why one does that... why does one overlook the happiness and beauty in a particular moment? Why would one rather look at a tiny fault when the whole is a magnificent amalgamation of life and joy?

Being petty is so easy, but it only leads to a disgruntled existence.
Be happy people. It is a conscious choice one makes.

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paradiseinjinx said...

Completely agree!