Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wiring change required

A friend posted a random video and as per form, I clicked on the link and watched it.
Another friend commented on it saying the video came across as vaguely weird to her, she was unable to express her thoughts in words and we had a discussion.

The video portrayed a woman walking down a busy lane post sunset. A bunch of well dressed, beer guzzling romeos follow her, eve teasing happens in full swing till she turns to one of the guys and freezes. The future molester/ rapist freezes and in a shocked tone of voice asks the other guys to stop and desist ... because she is his sister.

So the question is, does one stop eve teasing only because one has a mother or a sister or a wife at home?
Or does one stop eve teasing because it is just plain disrespectful to another human being?

A woman should be respected for being. Not for being someone's someone.

Major re-wiring of mentality is what we need.

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