Monday, January 25, 2010

One moment is all it takes

There are a lot of things that are not going right. Apart from Murphy working overtime and PMS just dying to do its bit, life has been pretty miserable.
Until this morning...
When I received an SMS from someone I consider worthwhile with news that is more than worthwhile and then a little later, as I sat on the 17th floor of an otherwise boring building, a parrot came flying by and sat @ the window sill.

Life doesn't seem so bad at all.
In fact, it suddenly feels beautiful.

One moment
in time
Where the sadness
And sunshine
breaks through
Life smiles
for me and for you.


ramya sriram said...

lovely :)

austere said...

am glad.

cjir1 said...

hello,have a nice day

Sudha said...

Always keep ur mind's eye open and through the clouds however dark u will glimpse the magic---radiance of light or a dollop of love