Monday, November 09, 2009


There is this thing that has been bothering me for a while now. I just can't seem to come to a logical conclusion, therefore, if there is anyone out there who understands these kinds of things, do explain.

Hindus believe in rebirth, right? So what is this having shraadhs for the departed souls (years and years after they have departed?)
I have heard that when a soul leaves the body, it moves on to higher spheres based on the karma it has managed to accrue. This journey takes a long long time. But does this long long time mean it takes decades before a soul is brought up for judgment before Chandragupta? Does that then mean that a soul is in a state of limbo where it cannot come back and it cannot go up either?

Also, what happens to the theory that the soul is actually a body of energy?
If several thousands of souls are in the waiting line, how can new births happen? Because as we know (or at least have by-hearted in school) that energy can neither be created nor destroyed ... and that it can only come back in another form?

the questions may sound absurd, stupid even ... but they are there and i really wish someone could help me understand them.


blogerazzi said...

added question. Population growth. Presumably when these theories were made in vedic times were were sub 100 million. Now what with the hindus alone being 600 million plus... where do the extra souls come from?!

The Wholesome Satyr said...

Your query is actually quite simple and simply answered in the Bhagwad. If you have not till now, do read it once at least.

Take care.

austere said...

Mailed you my thoughts.