Monday, August 10, 2009

i am my mother

the other day was this lakshmi pooja at home. the vaadyaar came early and generally harried us till we sat down for the pooja.
post pooja, amma asked if i wanted to go and visit this old granny types and take ashirwaad.
i said yes and left with amma, amma's friend and ankita.

it was when i got there and removed my slippers that i realised that i had worn my ghar ka chappals.

all my life i have never understood madrasi maamis wearing lovely silk sarees, beautiful bangles with gajra in their hair wearing hawai chappals.
and there i was, in ditto ditto position.


AiAiOh said...

At least you wore the chappal.

Pallavi said...

being busy does that.. :) its like coming back to a circle.. history repeating and all that.. :)

On a different line, a very good friend told me : When you have a daughter, for a mom, its like living your childhood again..