Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sea Saw

The husband had to travel to Chennai on business and the 'lukkha-aatma' that I am these days, ankita and I tagged along.

I had so forgotten how beautiful the sea is. And how wonderful the breeze feels.
We are lucky that the sister in law has a house that faces the sea. And thanks to the crazy schedule the daughter keeps, am up at all hours ... staring at the sea. I have seen so many shades, so many moods, so much loveliness.

And, I have been eating kaccha aam and sundal and boiled channa and bhutta ... no wonder sri ka standard joke these days is ... what did the baby elephant say when he saw toinks? Mommmmmyyyy :D:D:D

Ok bye.

1 comment:

Pallavi said...

How can you be lukkha when you are doing such cool things.. :)