Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And the award goes to ...

I had borrowed the 'sisterhood of the travelling pants' from Soo.
Loved it so much I insisted she pick up the other parts for me (Lucky woman lives closer to the Landmark store than I do).
Read them all and felt strange. Like someone had placed a camera inside our lives. Mugs, Meera and I.

I knew Mugs had to read the book. So, with permission from Soo, I couriered it to her.
She loved the book and as usual, tried to whack it. Dire warnings about lost front teeth and bad curse for stealing third person's book had her couriering it back.

Got the courier today, and Soo ... just like that, gave the book away to me... because, it would complete my set. So cool! And, her note inside the book says:
Lifetime Reading Award :)
Of course, afterwards she keeps chuckling about how my lifetime is over at 30.

But wot the heck. I have the full set. Yipee!!


e said...

Boatman from Shelfari knew that all along :D!

moimystique said...

Ooo!I've been wanting to read this!Cool!