Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jai Mata Di

Ever since I have come to Delhi, I have always, every single time, tried to prove that Mumbai was way better than this *insert hugely popular bad word* place.
Mumbai locals blah blah
Public transport blah blah
Safety for women blah blah
People in general blah blah
Better food blah blah
The sea and the rocks blah blah
Closer to the mountains blah blah
Decent autowallahs blah blah....

The Delhiites hate it. Hate me. Tell me to go back to where I belong. And all that. Sometimes I grudgingly accept that the roads are way better and the Himalayas are worth the pain... and the forts and monuments and history is worth another round of paneer parathas ...
But today, when my ma got off the train, my hand reached for her bag and positively grabbed the bottle of water I knew she always carries with her when she is travelling and took one long swig out of it.

Ma gave me a smile and said "Bombay ka paani? :)"

Sigh *


A Stranger within said...

I read about id card for people in Delhi .....

So which i card do u want .. A Delhi one or Bombay .....

Tinky Toinkers said...

I would so much prefer an India card.