Monday, March 12, 2007

God threw ice at me

when i first heard the sound
i didn't quite believe my ears
or my eyes either
but when comprehension dawned
i ran helter skelter in an undignified dash
to catch up with the ice-rain

my very first hailstorm

i freaked out
until the time the wind blew some huge chunks over my way
then i froze.

ps: not a good pic, but thats the best i could get with the mobile... the grass did look awesome... like someone had dropped a bag of diamonds on a sheet of green velvet... pretty :)


Hyde said...

I miss breaking chunks of ice on the sidewalk... :(

Anonymous said...

ur first hailstorm??!! really?? :-)
here's to many more of diamonds on green velvet!!


Anonymous said...

You remind me of my cat experiencing her first hailstorm.

She was laying on the balcony enjoying the sun when it suddenly got dark. First she looked at me, thinking I was throwing things at her, then a million pieces of hail came falling down at once and the poor thing didn't know which way to run so I picked her up and put her under my shirt and brought her into the apartment.


austere said...