Monday, December 11, 2006

Blurred images apart...

Vegetables or bhaji shopping was always dad's forte. He would set out with a bag and a mile long list and come back with several bags and almost nothing from the list. I have seldom bought anything from the sabzi mandi ... except for the occasional potatoes, onions, ginger, chillies or coriander. It never took more than 30 seconds. I mean ... how much time can one spend staring at a 3 by 2 feet cart laden with some very tired looking vegetables?

Here, my concept of buying vegetables has changed... thanks to the weekly Bazaar. It is an amazing concept based on the weekly market funda. Every day of the week, a gathering of vendors (fruits, vegetables and household products) converge at an alloted spot in a particular sector. Thus, people around the area get to pick and choose from a large variety and they also do not have to travel miles for it. The vendors get to sell their wares to a wider mass and they get to pack and unpack in a different place everyday (look ma, am a gypsy). Our area hosts the mela on Saturday... hence the name 'Shani Bazaar'.

It is an awesome, awesome experience. But there are a few ground rules:
Too much dust = carry a hanky or a tissue to cover you nose
Too many people = be prepared to be jostled around
Too many people = beware of pickpockets
Too much variety = remember, you have only ONE fridge and only ONE week to finish stuff
Too many vendors = drastic difference in prizing and quality

So... here are a couple of blurred pics. Have the fun ok?


Maddie said...

Haink? Mera comment kiddhar gaya?

Maddie said...


Phirse likhing.

Umli thi ghamandi (??)
Pahunchi sabzi mandi
Sabzi mandi baraf padi thi
Baraf mein lag gayi thandi

Tak-bak, tak bak...

Indian writing archives padhing. Bola tak nahin, ullu ki dum. Dreamr se nahin mili ab tak. Same office only. Baaki dono se toh mulaqat hogayi. Chaunk bhi gaye. Aur yede log internet industry mein kaam karte hain. Standard 'small world' replies bhi mile, heeheeheehee.

And me Dilli aaying month end. But bhaaging to Mathura immediately. Tum log bhi trip banao na. Pliss.

austere said...

amla kya bhaav mila? you made gajar ka halwa like a good dilli-ite?

Tinky Toinkers said...

Maddie: Ghamandi? Aiyo. just tyo rhyme you will write anything what? am mostly in mumbai @ last week.
why mathura?

Austere: Jes. i made. stoopid gajar halwa turned out rubbish. not making anymore only. humph.