Friday, April 28, 2006

Cut the Quota

The subject has been brewing around for quite a while. Everyone with a tongue in his or her mouth has discussed it. I am talking about the wonderful brilliant idea of a set of amazingly bright politicians to reserve further quotas for the ‘underprivileged people’.

I am not against it. No way. I just love the thought of being treated by someone who got his/her qualification because his/her seat in the medical college was booked the day he/she was born.

I also don’t mind using software designed by an idiot with the brains of a termite but with a degree from a premiere university. No really, I do not. All software crash anyway.

But I will mind… oh hell yeah … punch-in-your-face mind … if someone ever suggests that my friend who knows more about her subject than anyone I know from her field, got her degrees because she belonged to a certain caste.

I will mind if someone sniggers at my engineering buddy and mentions he got his promotion because he was a you-know-who.

And I will most definitely mind the mentality this “quota-system” will create… that the so-called underprivileged people can only make it in life… thanks to what they are and not who they are.
It befuddles me completely … I mean, someone please tell me again, how is this reservation thing going to help anyone?


Twilight Fairy said...

bleddy politicians dont have any other work in life these days!

Sanjukta said...

Hi Toinks, good to hear you'd be in the Meet...

Ankur said...

The only point in school when i began seeing my friends of a particular caste was when i came to know abt the reservation in engineering colleges..i did not know wat was SC/ST till then,,,Thanks to politicians for injecting that posion in me..

wormtongue said...

good point... so whos listening? ,,, waitamin!! meet.. dilli meet?.. dieeee *^$(&$(&^% .. gaddar!! hmpf!!